How To Sort The Laundry: The Best & Easiest Ways

From plastic baskets to organizing the chaotic closet, sorting the laundry can become quite the stressful, daily situation. But we’re here to make all of that worrisome trouble and mess go away. From stylish tips, organizational tricks and easy ways to wash and keep clean, let’s have a look at the best and easiest ways to sort the laundry and clear up the laundry room (and keep it that way).

1. Baskets for Every Color.

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Let’s talk about the most obvious choice first. Make sure you have baskets for colors, whites and delicates. This will free up time and keep clothes from getting ruined.

2. Soap in Buckets.

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Keep your soap and fabric softener on hand but in plastic buckets or woven baskets. How many times has your laundry detergent ran and gotten all over the place? This keeps the mess at bay.

3. Two Kinds of Hampers.

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Get everyone two hampers for their rooms. One for darks and one for lights which will help with sorting and organization. Again, this gives you more time to do other things rather than keeping the laundry going or organized.

4. Add Stain Spray.

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In one of those hampers, make sure everyone has their own shout spray to treat their stains as they go into the hamper. You’ll make sure to always get the stain and spend less time in the laundry room.

5. Separate Lights and Heavies.

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A quick tip you may or may not already know, not only should you sort the colors of your clothes but you should also sort light and heavy fabrics. Don’t put your jeans in with your blouses, the heavier fabric will ruin the lighter, more wispy clothes.

6. Add Larger Shelves.

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Free up space on top of the washer and dryer by letting your baskets have a spot on the shelves or in the cabinets nearby. You won’t have to move them every time you try to wash or fold the clothes. And the space will look less cluttered.{found on abeautifulmess}.

7. Hook Your Board.

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Grab a hook for the ironing board to hang on. This will get a big bulk out of the way and also make it more easily accessible than having it clutter the space next to your washer and dryer.{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

8. Install a Drying Bar.

Laundry room drying barView in gallery

Make it easier for your hanging clothes by installing a drying bar. A drying rack is great for apartments or dorm rooms, but if you have the ability these are so much healthier for your clothing and makes it much less chaotic.

9. On Their Own.

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The dirtiest of the dirty laundry needs to be washed on their own. Muddy socks, wet clothing from the water park or towels you used to wash the dog with, make sure you have a container to keep these separate.

10. Necessities on Standby.

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A lingerie bag, fabric softener balls and fragrant packets are all necessary for refreshing laundry and laundry done right. Make sure these all have a place and they’re not just floating around the laundry room or closet making a mess.{found on centsationalgirl}.