How To Shop For A Persian Rug Nowadays?

Believe it or not, but Persian rugs fall in the category of art work. They are beautiful show stopping pieces and can easily last for generations. ecause Persian rugs tend to be expensive, it is worthwhile to know how you should shop for one. Read on for quick tips –

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As Persian rugs are literally a kind of investment, you need to judge their quality properly. Ideally, a Persian rug is always hand woven and weaves are clear. In addition, the loops on the back are also neat and clear. The rug must be flexible, lie flat with no curled edges, ripples or wrinkles, and not crack while being folded.

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The number of knots per square inch is also an indication of quality. Look at the ticket and make sure that it is not less than 100 knots per square inch for geometric designs. Floral patterns with minute detailing can require more than 300 knots.

Examine the wool of the carpet. Good wools are known to be fine, lustrous and soft whereas poor quality wool tends to be scratchy and dull.

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The place of manufacturing is also an important aspect. If the ticket reads – “Made in China”, then surely at the wrong place. It must be mentioned that carpets made in Iran are known to be the finest featuring the best quality and design.

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Watch out for the pattern and design of the rug, and try and follow the traditional and classic designs. Keep in mind that contemporary colors and design popular now may get outdated soon, and thus the value of the rugs will diminish.

Every rug must display a ticket stating the origin, type, age, description, condition, and quality. Check out various dealers and buy from an ethical and reliable seller.{all pics from}.