How To Set A Personalized Christmas Dining Table

Having dinner with family and friends is an important ritual during Christmas and, obviously, we want everything to look perfect. So we try to decorate the dinner table as best we can, with all sorts of personalized and cute things. But since these little details are not usually planned in advance, we end up following the same old cliches every year. But let’s make this year a bit different and if it’s too late now perhaps you can use these ideas next year.

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Not everything you make has to be super complicated. For example, look how simple and chic these decorations are. You just need large wine glasses, tea light inserts and tea lights, fake snow powder and tiny Christmas ornaments. If you can’t find snow powder you can just use salt or something similar.

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If you want to be playful, you can try this snowman table setting idea. If not for the big Christmas table, at least for the kids’ table. You don’t need anything extra. Just the things you already have like plates, napkins, spoons and forks. Ok maybe a tiny carrot for the nose would be nice as well.{found on dukesandduchesses}.

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Offer your guests something special like maybe these tiny vanilla panna cotta portions served with festive candy canes. They’re so cute you can even use them as decorative pieces for the table.

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And since we’re on the subject, there are lots of other ways in which you can use food to decorate the table. For example, make a Christmas tree out of fruit. You can use sliced up mango, pineapple, apples and other things.

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Or try this idea: use a large apple, a carrot and lots of toothpicks to make an actual Christmas tree out of fruits and fruit slices. You can use sliced up kiwi, some strawberries, some grapes and mango to get different colors.

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Or, if you’d rather have fewer bold colors on the table in order to create a more rustic look, you can fill glass bowls with walnuts, hazelnuts and other things and use them as centerpieces for the Christmas table.

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Or use vintage glass ornaments, pine cones and candles to create one of those old-fashioned kinds of table centerpieces. Maybe this is not usually your style but it definitely suits the décor during the holidays.

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Fill a large wine glass with cranberries and pine twigs and then add water. The finishing touch is a floating candle. You can make this sort of decorations for each guest or you can display a few at the center of the Christmas table.

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For a truly festive and also playful look, you can use a Christmas-themed table runner. Perhaps you can make one yourself in which case the Christmas table will be unique. If the design is colorful and busy don’t overwhelm the table by using other decorations.

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If you’re the patient and crafty type, you can fold the napkins in such a way that they look like a Christmas tree and you can decorate the plates with them. It’s actually pretty simple.