How To Sell Your Home During Recession

Selling a place is difficult enough during normal times and it becomes that much more difficult during a recession. When the prices drop sellers need to find new ways to attract potential buyers who, given the times, are more demanding. Even so, there are plenty of solutions to the problem.

Find the problem and fix it

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If your home has been on the market for a while now and nobody showed serious interest in it, perhaps there’s something wrong with it. So try to find the problem and fix it. Figure out why the home didn’t sell yet. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t look attractive enough or because the price is not exactly fair. These are things that can be fixed unlike the location or neighbors for example.

Ask a fair price

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It’s important to be fair when setting the price on the house or apartment. Sure, maybe the same place would have gone for more a few years ago but that’s not a reason to try to squeeze more out of it now. If you absolutely want a higher price, maybe it’s better to just wait a few more years. Base the asking price on things like location, upgrades, amenities and other similar features.

Do a home inspection before selling

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Usually the home inspection is done by the buyer but it would be a good idea to do it as a seller for a number of reasons. First of all, you get the chance to find possible problems and fix them before actually selling the house. The new improvements could raise the asking price. Also, showing a recent home inspection report to your potential buyers will have a favorable impact and may even cause them to pick you over someone else because of this detail.

Take care of a few upgrades and improvements

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A house or an apartment needs to good look in order to sell. And because first impression is extremely important in this case, a few upgrades can go a long way.

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For example, it’s nice to paint the walls before putting a home on the market. But choose a neutral color that will appeal to everyone instead of something very bold and too plain that only addresses certain types.

Inspect the exterior of the house if it’s the case. Look for signs of damage from rain, snow, etc and fix the problem areas. Check the roof for leaks and give the lawn or garden a refreshed look. Curb appeal is really important. Who knows…maybe a potential buyer will fall in love with your home even before entering and seeing the interior.

Pay extra attention to obvious, noticeable areas. Imagine you’re a buyer that enters your home for the first time. Where do you look first? Do those areas need a makeover or fixes? Take care of these details before they make a bad impression.

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Clean the windows and window sills. If they’re covered in grime and dust that won’t look good and it may hurt your chances of selling the house. Plus, if you have a nice view, you’ll want to emphasize that and you can’t possibly do it with dirty windows.

Clean the kitchen and the bathroom thoroughly. Buyers pay special attention to these areas. So clean all the appliances, the cabinets, under the sink, polish the faucets and make everything sparkle. You might also want to put a bigger mirror in the bathroom to make it seem bigger.

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Too much furniture can make a room seem cluttered and small. So if you think that may be the case, remove a few unnecessary pieces and only leave the basic items. Even though it may seem too austere to you, others won’t think this way because they\re not used to a different image of the room and they prefer seeing more space.