How to Select the Right Window Curtains for our Home?

There are certain important things to be considered while decorating our windows with curtains which include choosing the right curtain material, right color and shades based on the color of the room etc. Selecting the perfect curtains for our windows can be quite complex and if choose the wrong color or type, the look and feel would be spoiled completely. Window Curtains are important things to be considered for good interior design of our home.

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The common mistake made by most of the designers is that they find a common curtain style and use the same curtain material in all the rooms whether or not it matches the décor. The actual fact is that every room could have various curtains, except while working with open floor notion. We will not need to have in our living room a curtain based on child theme and at the same time a bold and luxurious curtain in our child’s room, which are both contradictory. So, we should always consider this point and choose the right curtains for the right room.

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We should consider lighting while choosing the amount and type of drapes in the curtains. We need heavy drapes in our bedroom where we need less light and which can give an amazing view at sunrise. When we do not require privacy we can have sheer drapes so that more sunlight can penetrate into the room. Also bathrooms should have heavy drapes so that we have better privacy. Based on the amount of lighting entering through the windows, we can choose the curtain materials and the drapes.

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There are various curtain materials ranging from fiber to hybrid varieties and we should opt for materials which can be fade resistant. Silk curtains which are luxurious can fade out rapidly and we will have dull curtains after some time. Measuring curtains based on the window size is also important while choosing the amount of curtain materials required for the window.

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We should match the design along with the room theme. They should be contradictory to the décor and they should always reflect the materials and objects present in the room as well as the color palette and materials used in the décor. Also heavy drapes are needed in airy rooms where more sunlight enters. We can add depth to the room space or choose the curtain color based so as to give a new look and feel to our room.

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Cotton curtains, Silk curtains are traditional while Polyester, Velvet and other Synthetic curtains have made their entry recently. Self printed curtains, weave patterns and other designs are found in modern curtains. We should not only consider the curtain materials, but also ensure that the curtains are stitched properly so that they are durable.

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