How To Save Money When Building A House

The decision to build your own home shows a lot of determination and courage and is definitely not an easy job. You need to follow some very specific steps and to always be prepared for costly surprises. And speaking of that, there are lots of ways in which you can also save money when building a house. You just need to plan everything just right.

Find a buildable lot

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Save time and money by purchasing a buildable lot so you can get started right away. Check to see everything that’s included in the asking price and look for a lot that already has the sewage and water systems installed and functional.

Be your own contractor

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You can save a ton of money if you could be your own general contractor. But for that you’ll need a lot of time and some basic knowledge in the field. You can save around 10% of the total cost like this. And if you’re not sure you can do it, look at others that managed to do a great job and find your inspiration there.

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For example, the owner of this dome house built the whole thing himself. He used concrete masonry units to build the main structure and circular wooden blockouts to frame the cantilevering windows. Then the first layer of plaster was applied. The whole project cost $9,000 and the result was this unique dome-shaped home with a tropical allure.

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Pick a cheaper style

You can also save money by choosing a simpler style. For example, a two-storey house will definitely be more expensive so opt instead for a single floor and try to make the most of it. And opt for a simple layout, without complicated and difficult angles. Don’t worry about a streamline-looking house. You can make it stand out in other ways.

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Do the easy tasks yourself

There’s no point in paying someone to clean the lot when you can do that yourself for free. We’re not saying you should actually build the house yourself if you’re not a specialist. But there are plenty of things you can do yourself either before or after the house is built, including painting the walls or laying the floors.

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Use salvaged materials

You can also make savings by purchasing salvaged materials. Recycle and you’ll also protect the environment. Plus, salvaged materials have that unique patina that can give your house a lot of character.