How To Save Closet Space In Your Winter Home

If you own a cluttered closet, you will find out that most times, you avoid making use of the closet and when you do, you quickly grab what you need and slam the closet door immediately. There might even be cases of having hangers, belts, hats and even clothes mingled in heaps in various parts of your closet.

Girls room closet
Innovative walk-in closet in a contemporary dressing room

All these are as a result of not having enough space in your closet. Moving from your present home or getting a bigger closet might not really be the solution to the problem. In order to save closet space in your winter home and avert such scenarios, working with the tips listed below will prove to be very helpful.

mens closets wardrobe
Organize your closet this winter

Take Out Seasonal Clothing:

After the warmer seasons, the best thing to do in order to have plenty of space in your closet for the winter is to take out the seasonal clothing. Those summer clothes can go into the under bed storage space and where you have much to store, you can also get boxes to pack most of them. With this done, you will have enough space in your closet for the winter clothes and accessories. Keeping your hats, shoes, bags and belts in the same place with your clothes make the interiors look cluttered. In order to save space, it is advised that you keep those hats, bags and shoes you don’t need in the winter at the uppermost part of the shelf. This way, you have more space in the closet for those accessories you need most in the winter and also organized too.

mens closets wardrobe idea
Sort out of season clothing

Create more Space for Heavy Clothing:

Since the heavy coats and sweaters you wear during winter are always heavy and take up a lot of space, it becomes necessary that you device means of having them in the closet without them occupying much space. One of such means is the use of velvet hangers. These hangers are not only durable, they are also designed to keep items hung on them closer thereby creating more space in the closet. For those loosely knit sweaters and scarves that might go out of shape if hung, you can have them folded and store them in the drawers.

Girls room closet
Simple and neat walk-in closet featuring enclosed wooden furniture
Girls room closet
Mediterranean-inspired walk-closet with mirrored doors and high ceiling
winter closet bathroom
Gain more space in your winter closet

Saving Space in your Bathroom Closets:

The type of blankets, linens, towels and pillow cases you use in the summer are not the same as the ones you use in the winter. Therefore, it becomes necessary that in your bathroom closet, you replace the everyday linens, towels and blankets with the ones for winter. If you don’t have enough space to store the summer items, they should be stacked in the inner part of the closet while the winter items are kept in front for easier access and use.

bathroom linen closet
Keep your bathroom linen closet organized

Sort and Organize the Kids’ Closets:

In order to achieve the most of organization in the kids’ closets, there should be multiple levels or shelving installed. This way, you easily separate and arrange their winter clothes like shirts, sweaters, coats and jeans. There should also be spaces for their backpacks and accessories. This way, the interiors look neater and alluring.

girls room closet
Help your kids stay organized

Closet space is often a luxury in most homes but with these ideas and solutions, you will be able to create more closet space in your winter home. Not only are they easy to carry out projects, they are also cost-effective and at the end of the day, you will see that you have total control of your closet and your seasonal items.

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