How to Remove Termites From Furniture

Are you sick of those nasty white ants that are destroying your furniture?  Don’t know how to remove them from your furniture? Now it is time to get rid of them once for all. The operations that you need to make in order to get rid of the termites for good are simple, costless and easy to do.

Before starting to do this job, you must know that all you need to get rid of the termites is: newspapers, insecticide and some free space. As simple as that.

First of all, take the piece of furniture that was invaded by termites to an empty space, like a garage or a basement. Close every door and window and ensure that they remain close until the whole process is done.

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Next, you should put newspapers all over the floor so that when termites will die, their bodies will be spread all over the floor. And you wouldn’t want 2000 of termites all over your floor, would you?

Next, depending of what type of insecticide do you have, you should either spray all over the furniture, or just liberate the gas from the insect-bombs that can be found in the industrial shops. After you have done this step, you have to get out of the room as quick as you can, and that is because the gas from these insecticides is very toxic and can harm the eyes, the lungs and the trachea of any human being, especially if it stays too much in contact with them.

After one hour, you can go back into the garage. The first thing that you have to do is to open the windows and let the room ventilate properly. After that, you can go and take the piece of furniture of the newspapers and gently take them to the garbage. Be careful not to drop them, or otherwise you might have 2000 termites all over you and all over the floor. Would you like such a thing? We guess not!

And that’s pretty much it. This is how you can get rid of the termites from you furniture for good. This method is costless and effective, and this is why it is the only one that is promoted by all the insecticide producers.