How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

It’s true that spilling nail polish on the carpet can sometimes be very troublesome but only if you allow it. Even after working very hard to remove the nail polish, the stain is still there and you start to think there’s nothing you can do about it. Actually, there are a few fairy simple solutions to the problem. The key is following the right steps and using the appropriate solvents and tools.

Use nail polish remover

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For this method to be successful you need to use clear, fragrance free, non-acetone nail polish remover. But first test to make sure it doesn’t bleach your carpet by blotting a small amount on a less visible portion. If everything is ok, use a white cloth on the stained area but don’t rub. Blot carefully till the stain is gone.{found on happymoneysaver}.

Use hairspray

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Who knew hairspray was so versatile? First test the carpet, then spray the stained area with hairspray. Dab with a paper towel or a wash cloth and the nail polish should come off easily. You can also pour clean, cold water onto the stain throughout the process and use a scrub brush to get rid of the stain if it doesn’t affect the carpet.

Use window cleaner

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First of all, once you discover the stain, blot as much as you can to remove the excess nail polish. Then use a sponge or a dish cloth to apply a small amount of window cleaner to the stained area. Scrub in a circular motion and rinse the area with water.

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Fresh spills are easier to clean up so act immediately. Keep the area moist and prevent the polish from drying. Dried spills are more stubborn. The polish and color have already set on the fibers of the carpet so you’ll first have to loosen the bond and then clean the spill. So first moisten the area with water and then try applying some rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover. You can use an old toothbrugh and gently brush the fibers.