How to prepare your home for winter

If winter is here, can the preparation to face the season be far behind? It is time to prepare your home for winter. Here are a good number of tips that could be of great use in this direction.

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Insulation: Adequate Insulation does not let your room temperature to go out. Adding a new layer of insulation to the attic is a must.

State Of Furnace: An annual checkup by a professional is a must. Cleaning of ducts and replacing the filters on monthly basis let your furnace work smoothly. A programmable thermostat is better option than the traditional one. In case of a hot water radiator system, pass out the water by opening the valves a little and close when water appears.

Fireplace: Capping the top of the chimney prevents birds, rats or squirrels to enter. Clean the chimney and ensure that the damper is working properly. Chopped firewood should be stocked in a dry place. If the mortar is old or cracked, it needs to be replaced at once.

Checking the exteriors: Weather stripping around your doors and windows is to be checked and, if needed, they are to be replaced. Inspect any crack around any pipe or electrical fittings in an inward or outward go on the wall. They are to be sealed religiously. In case your house has got old glass windows, it’s high time to consider a replacement of those with the insulated glass windows and doors.

Roof: Any damaged shingles play havoc during winter months. Hence, roof inspection becomes an integral part. In the event of damaged or missing shingles, they are to be replaced.

Gutters: Blocked gutters can cause flooding of basement at the time of melting of snow. Hence, it should be cleaned.

Equipments: Weather specific equipments are to be kept in a ready- to-use manner. Snow blowers are to be tuned. Ice choppers and ice bag are to be kept ready.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon monoxide detectors should be near your furnace or water heater. It is to be checked whether smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are in running condition.

Freezing Pipe: If you are on a vacation during winter, leave the heat on to avoid pipe cracks due to freezing.

Outdoors: Sensitive potted plants to be shifted under a shade, to save them from freezing temperatures. Trim the trees outside.{pics from here}.