How To Get Your Home Ready For A Spring Sale

Spring may have seemed like a distant dream a few months ago but now it’s almost time to once again welcome in into our homes. So start prepping to avoid all the stress of last minute rush. Get ready for a spring sale and make your home as inviting and beautiful as you can. It’s simple actually if you know exactly what you have to do.

Declutter your home

Modern entrance clean design

Start by sorting everything in your home. All the items you don’t regularly use should go in a separate pile. Then you can donate some of them and others you can simply throw away. Dispose of all the paperwork you no longer need and get all your holiday decorations and out of season clothing packed and ready to go.

Star cleaning.

A clean house is more appealing even if doesn’t really impress with its square footage or layout. So pay attention to the small details. Organize your closets, wash the windows, dust the blinds and wash the curtains. Everything has to be clean and fresh.

Vacuum all upholstery.

Over the winter, our homes accumulate a lot of dust, pollen and other particles so grab the vacuum and clean all the upholstery. You can do the same thing for the curtains and, if they’re really dirty, you may want to wash them.

Dust the ceiling fans

Modern entrance clean design

Ceiling fans are not used during winter and dust accumulates on the blades. It will start flying everywhere in the room when the fan is switched on if you don’t dust and clean the fans.{found on batchelorsway}.

Inspect the whole house

Modern entrance clean design

Inspect the whole house for potential damage. Take a good look at all the walls and floors, check for pipe leaks, check for signs of insects or rodents and make sure your windows shut like they should.

Fresh paint on the walls

Modern entrance clean design

Not everyone has the same taste in color so even though you may simply love the way your walls look, there’s a chance potential buyers won’t. Also, it’s best to offer them a blank canvas so they can better visualize how they’d decorate the space.

Freshen up the hardware

Modern entrance clean design

Little things like cabinet hardware, drawer pulls and doorknobs don’t cost much to replace and seeing them all new and shiny has a big impact in terms of visual appeal. You can also simply fresh up all the hardware instead of getting new one.

A welcoming entrance

Modern entrance clean design

The entrance is the first part of your home that potential buyers will see. So make it as welcoming and beautiful as you can to create a good first impression. You can paint the door, get new hardware, declutter the entrance area and keep the décor as simple as possible.