How to prepare your home for an open house

Many of us are in a hurry to sell their houses and earn handsomely. For a lucky few, it goes well, while most of others end up with less than expected money. The real estate agents are not the only people to be blamed. The onus lies on the house owners too. Before, selling a house you need to chalk out some plans and act accordingly. Here are some good points to be considered:

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The house you live in has witnessed a lot about you. These are your emotional attachments. Keep these emotions aside. Be prepared to start treating the house as a product of real estate that could be sold.


Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, you will find that your family photographs, family belongings, heirlooms are of no use. It is advisable to pack them at the earliest.


It is often found junk items eat a good space in the house. If they are not in use for a longtime, it’s high time to throw them away. The items must for daily use to be kept in a box, so that the buyer finds the house spacious.


A spotless kitchen with the necessary items in an organized manner impresses a buyer. Each one wants to see new home in a dirt free neat and clean state.

Make the Room Roomy:

No one will like to see a room overstuffed with furniture. So each room should look bigger and to do that extra furniture to be stored in the store room.

Minor Work:

Cracked floor tiles, holes in the wall, jammed drawers in kitchen or room, Doors that do not open properly showed be taken care off.

Sparkling Interiors:

The windows to be cleaned both from in and outside. Dusting of furniture, cleaning of refrigerator and the floor should take place. Use a room refresher. Not to forget let each inch of your bathroom sparkle.


Exteriors plays an important role in deciding if the interior is worth viewing. Make sure your lawn, trees and other plants are well maintained and weeds are taken off. If possible, go for power wash. It gives your exterior a new look.

Have a look of your house from outside. Does it look warm and welcoming? If so, get inside. Is there any odor? No? Your Job is done.{pics from here}