How to Prepare a Wall for Painting?

Are the walls of your room covered with wallpaper? Do you want to update the look of your room? Well, if this is the case, then why not consider painting. Believe it or not but dressing the wall with a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to impart the room with a fresh crisp look. And the most significant feature of painting is that the task can be easily initiated and completed on one’s own. All you need to do is prepare the wall and paint the desired color.

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First of all, you need to remove the wallpaper. Spray a solution of vinegar and water on the wall, and starting peeling them gradually. You might have to employ a putty knife or scarper to handle the tougher portions.

Check the wall for any remaining or excessive adhesive. Wash away the excess adhesive with the help of a solution made out of mild detergent and warm water. Small amounts of adhesive necessarily do not require this treatment.

The damaged area, cracks and holes would require compound filling. Employ a putty knife to fill in the cracks evenly. Allow them to dry for at least 24 hours.

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If the wall features large defects in the form of gauged areas, you need to hide them with a coat of primer.

If there are molds on the wall, clean it with bleach and wash the wall with warm water. Then apply treatment to the wall with any fungicidal product and finally apply a heavy coat of primer.Lastly ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt and grime and is completely dry. Paint the wall as desired.