How To Find Room For Appliances In The Kitchen

There was a time when the kitchen didn’t include a microwave, food processor, toaster and all the other gadgets, accessories and appliances we use today. Sure, they make our lives easier but they also take more and more space in our kitchens. So how we fit them all in there?

Spread them out.

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Don’t put all the appliances in the same place, especially the big ones. Spread them out so they’re easier to access. This way when one person uses the refrigerator the others aren’t blocked for the rest of the family. This strategy works out great if the appliances are as eye-catching as these turquoise ones.

Stack them.

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Big appliances can also be stacked. Look for the ones that have similar dimensions and forms and place them one on top pf the other. They can be built into the furniture and this way you can be sure they’re secure.

Under the counter.

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The most common place for appliances like the stove or dishwasher is under the countertop. They’re easy to use, easy to clean and easy to install there.

An appliance garage.

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For the small items you can have an appliance garage where you can deposit them all. It can be a portion inside the wall cabinets, bit enough to fit everything inside, usually with a shelf. A good place for it would be the corner.

Hide them in the pantry.

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If your kitchen has a pantry then you just found the perfect place to hide all the small appliances. Divide the pantry so that one portion is reserved for the appliances and the rest for food, jars and everything else you want to store there.