How to Park a Ferrari in Your Living room

I am sure you all know that Ferrari cars are expensive and really beautiful and men who own one of these babies are so proud that they cannot stay away from them, so some of them do their best to make this possible. So they invent way of having their car next to them all the time, literally.

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One of these crazy guys is the steel worker Jon Ryder from Sheffield, England who has parked his yellow Ferrari in the living room. His F355 Spider is his pride and he parks it into the  garage that communicates with his living room. When he has guests he uses a curtain to hide the garage door and he can use his living room as display, too.



As you can imagine, this decision lead to some drastic changes in the look and functionality of his house. He had to demolish some walls and link the garage to the living room and also to use some flooring that is perfect for cars and not for normal houses. Jon spent one month and £900 to finish all the changes in his house, but he is very satisfied with the results. Of course, he’s not the only one to ever do such a thing, the best example being some guy called Gil Dezer who had hung a 1950 Porsche Spyder 550 in his living room.{found on swns}