How To Beautify Your Bedroom Nightstands Using Paint

Not everyone agrees that painting a piece of furniture is an acceptable way of changing its look and making it more beautiful. The strategy doesn’t work in all cases. Large pieces of furniture often pose problems. However, smaller ones such as the nightstand, are easier to work with. There are many reasons why one would choose to paint a nightstand. It can be because the piece is old and starts to show signs or wear and tear or because the color it came with doesn’t match the surrounding décor.

Easy night stand paint

Let’s see how such a project would go if you’re ever to decide that painting your nightstands would be a good idea. First you should find a suitable type of paint. You’ll also need primer. Then take out the drawers and hardware if the nightstand has any and begin by priming and painting the frame. You might have to sand it down before you paint it. Once the frame is done, move on to the drawers. Let the paint dry, put the nightstand back together and put the drawer pulls or knobs back on. This could also be a good opportunity to get some new hardware. {found on 7thhouseontheleft}.

Antique night stand makeover

There are cases when a fresh coat of paint can make a nightstand look more chic and trendy. This seems to be the case with this antique nightstand featured on tidbits-cami. The nightstand has a beautiful design but doesn’t really fit into the fresh and bright décor of the bedroom. After being painted white, everything changed. If you want to give it a few signs of wear and tear, try a slightly distressed finish using sandpaper.

Small nightstand makeover with paint

A similar situation applies for the nightstand featured on thecedarshakescape. Its detailed design was not done justice with that old stained finish. The new matte paint highlight all the little details a lot better and, at the same time, emphasizes the design without letting the eye focus on anything else. The door and drawer pulls are also simple enough to blend in without any problems.

Aged nighstand makeover design

On the other hand, when the design of the nightstand is very simple, it could be interesting to choose some metallic paint for its makeover. Such a project is described on blesserhouse. The wood on the nightstand was not exactly in good condition so hiding its imperfections with this silver paint was a good idea. At the same time, the new look is a lot more eye-catching and glamorous.

Repainted nighstand tutorial

When giving a nightstand a makeover, you can choose to leave some of the original finish still visible in areas such as the sides and the inside of the drawers. You’ll only get to catch a glimpse at that color when you’re using the drawers and it will enough to remind you of the nightstand’s rich history. But before you start painting it, you should take care of any repairs if necessary. Also, replace the hardware if it’s too old, rusty or simply ugly. {found on theblacksheepshoppe}.

How to revamp old night stands

You can also choose to paint some elements of the nightstand and stain others. This way you’ll get to create a beautiful contrast. For example, you can have the legs, frame and drawer fronts painted and stain the top. The drawer pulls can match the top and the interior of the drawer could be stained as well. Numerous other combinations are possible, depending on the design and structure of your nightstand. {found on postcardsfromtheridge}

Vintage stencil nightand design

Perhaps simply painting the nightstand is not enough. In case you want something more, something different, you can also consider using a stencil to create a pattern or you can trace a custom design on it using a pencil. Then you can paint over it and distress the design or use a contrasting color to highlight it. You can find out more about this interesting and stylish idea on canarystreetcrafts.