How to Paint Old Wood Furniture

Let’s face it: vintage furniture is the perfect decoration for any retro house or room. As well, old wood furniture can perfectly suit any room or house as long as it is well taken care of. Though, after a while, the old wooden furniture may loss some of its colors, or why not, may get some defects, defects that might not be corrected without applying a proper painting.

But how to paint old wood furniture? In the next following lines, you will find out what exactly needs to be done in order to paint –without failing- old wooden furniture.

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First of all, it is recommended to buy wood strippers and apply on each part of the furniture. If the furniture has multiple components and doors, then they should be carefully removed and each of them, as well, should get a treatment with some wood stripper. A special case is the case of the varnished old wood furniture: in this case, the wood strippers are no good. In their place, steel wool can easily be used, as it is more effective and recommended by most of the furniture manufacturers.

After you have completed the above operation, the entire furniture – each and every component – must be cleaned of dust. Therefore, remember to clean the wood pieces and inspect if there are any blemishes or any other damages. If there are blemishes, the wood strippers should be applied again, and also, the second dust cleaning will be mandatory as well.

Depending of the size of the furniture, you should pick the proper brushes. Usually, a 5 cm/2 inches brush should be enough for most of the furniture wooden parts. Carefully paint the pieces, as you do not want to leave any stripes or any paint blemishes. One more thing, though, before starting to actually paint: ensure that you will be working in a place where you can not make mess, and also, ensure that you have the proper color for your old wood furniture. You wouldn’t afford to miss that, would you?

Last, but not least, paint only by using long-extensive moves, as you do not want any blemishes on the surface of the wood furniture. It will look like hell and you won’t be satisfied. After you have completed the task, let the paint dry. Usually, it may take some time, especially for the old wood furniture. An finally, after everything is clear and dried, it’s time to ensemble everything at their place. Carefully do this task in order to not scratch anything. And yes, if you have completed all the above tasks correctly, then you have successfully painted an old wood piece of furniture on your own.