How to Paint a Victorian Style Home

When looking for the Victorian style paint for your home you should know that you have the chance to show your own personality. Many color combinations can be used from the soft nuances to the bold ones, from the joyful yellow to the daring red, from traditional mauve to the sensitive pink.

Victorian Style Home

But regardless of the color you choose for the Victorian style paint for your home you must be prepared to spend some time and patience in the process of painting your Victorian home. The following tools and materials will be needed: bleach, high power washer, disc sander, drop cloth, sandpaper, mask to cover your face, chalk, roller, brush, paint tray, light natural primer and dark finishing primer, ladder and paint tape.

1. First of all before reaching for the Victorian style paint of your home, you should check it for any repairs such as splintered clipboards, damaged gutters, small cracks, all on one anything that might need repair now before starting painting.


2. The walls of the house would need to be washed to eliminate any trace of dust or cobwebs that can stretch on the corners of the ceilings and are almost unseen.

Victorian house oak bluffs

3. For the san ding process you should make sure that the house is completely dry. When you begin the scraping of the old paint, you should lay down a drop cloth to gather all the dust. Wear the mask to cover the face against the fine powder that falls off the walls.

Green victorian house

4. After the walls got all cleaned up, it is time to check, again the house and in case you detect some small cracks have them filled with plastic wood. Spaces left by the windows frames and sills can be filled with chalk.

5. Before starting to paint the walls in the Victorian style, use tape to cover any trims and fixtures that wouldn’t need to be painted right away. After that apply the light primer, and when it is dried apply the dark finishing layer of primer.

6. When applying the Victorian style paint for your walls make sure that the primer is dry and have the colored paint applied in two coats for a better finishing touch.