How To Organize Your Closet For Maximum Efficiency

How many of us can say their closet is perfectly organized and efficient? Chances are there aren’t that many cases that can fit the profile. The main problem is we fail to come up with an efficient storage system in the first place. But once we identify the issue, a whole new world of possibilities becomes available.

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Try color-coding everything in your closet. Put all your dark-colored shirts in one place, the white linens on a separate shelf and so on. This makes finding the item you need a lot easier if you know exactly where to look for it.

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Don’t think of your closet as being nothing but a storage space. Treat like any other room of the house. Pay attention to lighting, colors, floor covering, accessories, seating and everything else.

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Add extra storage inside your closet with hooks. Attach them to the walls, the inside of the cabinet doors or underneath the shelves.

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Get rid of your closet doors if you think they obstruct your freedom of movement. If the closet space is small, you’d have more to gain if you replaced the doors with curtains or hanging screens.

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Don’t neglect the lighting in your closet. It helps you better see and identify everything that’s iside so you don’t have to make a mess every time you’re looking for a specific piece of clothing or accessory.

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Think vertical and use every inch of space in your closet, under it and above it. You’ll be able to store more and be more efficient.

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Don’t waste the wall space if you have it. Come up with a system that lets you store, display and organize your jewelry. You can use an old frame, some spray paint and canvas.

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Store your shoes in clear boxes. This way you won’t have to take down and open each box till you find the pair you were looking for.

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Label all your out-of-season items and place them in boxes, bins or baskets. It’s a lot better than throwing them in a big box or bag. Organize everything now so you don’t have to waste time doing it later.

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Separate your clothes into daily outfits. This way you won’t waste time every morning trying to figure out what to wear or being disappointed when you find out the shirt you wanted is in the washer. You can make these yourself from cardboard or old CDs.

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Keep all your boots off the floor and organized using pants hangers. It’s actually a really great idea that allows you to save space and also to keep your closet nice and tidy.