How to Optimize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the most popular goals people set for themselves in the new year, but it isn’t always easy. You might not even realize that your kitchen could be setting you up for failure. But the room where you do the vast majority of your eating can certainly have an impact on your diet. So if eating healthier is a goal you’d like to achieve, there are a few quick steps you can take to make sure your kitchen is more of an ally than an enemy.

Buy the Right Tools.


If you want to eat healthy foods, it’s important that you have the proper kitchen utensils and appliances to prepare them. So take a pass on the deep fryer and instead choose tools that will help you make healthy meals and snacks. A few to consider include: a blender for fruit smoothies, a good set of knives and cutting board for fresh produce, and a steamer for things like vegetables and rice.

Choose Color Wisely.

green kitchen
blue kitchen

Color has shown to be an important factor for people’s moods and habits, so picking a color for your kitchen is definitely an important task. Psychologists have suggested that the best colors to promote healthy eating are blue and green. This is because they are calming and natural colors. So choose a shade that makes you feel relaxed and not itching to eat all the junk food in one sitting.

Display Certain Foods.

fruit display
Island kitchen organized

Another way to display color into your kitchen is with food itself. Nutritionist suggest that people try to eat all the colors of the rainbow in their produce, so select some fruits or vegetables in your favorite color and display them in a bowl on your table or counter. Then when you walk into the kitchen for a snack the first thing you see will be a healthy option rather than a candy bar or bag of chips.

Arrange Your Pantry.


Along those same lines, try to arrange your fridge and pantry so that the first things you see when looking for something to eat are healthy options. Keep the processed options on the bottom shelf or hidden in the back, or better yet, just don’t buy them. Then keep the healthier options at eye level and front and center.

Island kitchen organized

Healthy eating can be a challenging goal, but it’s completely attainable if you take the time to prepare. The steps above can help you turn your kitchen into a great space to help you achieve all of your healthy eating goals.