How to Mix and Match Patterns Like a Design Pro

Using patterns is an effective way to bring life to the décor of a place. The stroke of a multi-colored pattern is possibly what you require to instill new life into your home. However, excessive use of patterns can also turn your place into a big kaleidoscope. Try some of these inspirational tips to mix and match patterns like a design pro.

mixing patterns bedroom wallpaper
Simple tips to mix patterns and color in your interiors

Choose a Color Scheme & Size up the Patterns

The safe way to experiment with patterns is to choose a color scheme and stick to those colors while making experiment with the patterns or rhythm of prints. In order to make an effect, you have to use at least three different patterns. The successful way of mixing is to vary the patterns’ scale skillfully – from small to large.

mixing patterns animal print
Keep colors to a simple palette when combining strong patterns

Of the three patterns, one should be a large-scale pattern that will make the strongest statement in the place. The second one should be almost half of the size and has some of the same colors of the first pattern. The third one can be similar or use two or three of the colors of the other two patterns. You can add more patterns if you want. In order to create a harmony within the room, you have to make mix of pattern sizes but avoid placing the same pattern and scale mixture next to one another.

mixing patterns saturated color
Use one dominant color in small “pops” in your home decor

Create a Cohesive Look

Creating a cohesive look is necessary to prevent the designs from clashing with one another. Coordinate the patterns by picking a common color palette. Instead of using similar colors, you can use multi-colored fabrics but be sure to pick a color that is similar to all patterns. If you are not an admirer of bright colors, use various shades of neutral colors. In that case, the combination of various shades of the same color and varied patterns will create a pack of statement along with a ‘wow’ effect.

mixing patterns desert colors
Various shades of the same color

The Role of Fabrics

Fabric also plays an important role in the venture of mixing and matching the patterns. The feel of fabrics helps making the ideal mixing recipe for a pattern-loaded room. In fact, adding some textures is a very effective and nice option to enhance the patterns’ effects. While matching and blending textured fabrics does not have the same gravity as the scale and color, making skilful use of it can give you a better looking home.

mixing patterns colors traditional
Carry out a theme throughout your interiors

A combination of textures, prints, and patterns is an easy way to update and change the look of your room. If you want to give a little boost to your bedroom or add an interesting detail or two to a boring living room, prints and patterns will do the trick without requiring you to think about your whole interior design.

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