How to Measure the Square Footage of Carpet

Buying new carpet is always tricky. You have to be very exact when measuring the space. You can’t risk not buying enough and, although it’s better to have more than less, making the adjustments is not exactly simple or pleasant. So measure the space right the first time to avoid any problems. So how do you do that?

The style.

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Before you do anything decide which style you want to adopt for the carpet. Traditional interiors usually have carpets covering the entire room. But there’s also the option or only covering part of the floor for a more modern look.

Start measuring

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First of all, you need to measure the room from wall to wall. You should add a 2” margin of error. After that, decide whether or not you want the carpet to go under the furniture or to only cover the space visible in between.

Measure the furniture.

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If you don’t want the carpet to cover the whole room, then you need to measure each piece of furniture. It’s easier if you make a drawing of the room and write the measurements for each piece. Then figure out the correct size of the carpet.

Repeat and calculate.

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Basically, now if you just subtract the furniture measurements from the total size of the room you should get the exact size of the carpet. However, it’s best to repeat the first steps in order to be sure. Remember to take a margin of error.