How to make your own Jar Wall Piece

When I first saw the picture of this piece of furniture a smile appeared on my face. This cute product will not only make your home look cozy but will make it happy too in a rainy day. Even if you put it in your hallway or in your kitchen, it will always look lovely and inspiring.The best part is that you can do it yourself because it’s easy and you’ll don’t have a hard time finding the materials.

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This awesome wall piece needs just a little creativity and a little time to be done. And, you will be very proud when you’ll know that the reason everybody smiles when it see it, is because it is a nice handmade object that you did. All the materials you need are: a piece of wood cut in three boards with angles, some jars, some hose clamps, some screws and nails. You will use two of the screws for attaching each piece of wood to the wall.

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The nails will help you hang the hose clamps to the wood pieces and make a hanger for the jars, just like in the picture. Use a little paint and a lot of imagination to decorate this wall piece as you want. Not only your fresh flowers have a nice place to stay, but you can attach some extra nails and hang there some other fancy decorating objects.From here, your work is done. Take one step backwards and admire your piece of art. It’s amazing!{found on yesterdayssweetheart}.