Design Your Own Calendar – 6 DIY Tutorials

Wall calendars are great if you need to keep track of a lot of things. Sure, we all have calendars on our phones these days but there’s something special about a large wall calendar. It’s more than just a functional tool. It also serves as a decoration and a way to personalize a home office or workspace. An even better way of personalizing the décor would be if you make the calendar yourself.

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A really easy method of creating a wall calendar involves some painter’s tape and chalkboard paint. First you need to figure out how big you want the squares for each day of the month to be. Then create a grid on the wall using tape. Use a roller to apply two coats of chalkboard paint inside the squares and stay within the lines. Then remove the tape and let the paint dry.

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Another lovely tutorial is offered on ispydiy. To make this beautiful calendar you’ll need chalkboard tape, scissors, a ruler, vinyl letters, a pencil and some chalk. Measure and mark the placement of the calendar on the wall. Cut pieces of chalkboard tape and stick each one in place. Then add the letters above each row, marking the days of the week. When you’re done, add numbers on each piece of tape, for the days of the week.

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Similarly, you can design a wall calendar using chalkboard contact paper, an exacto knife, a ruler and chalk. First you need to cut pieces of chalkboard contact paper, one for each day of the month. Lay them all on a table or on the floor and write the numbers for the days on them. You can also cut a larger strip on which to write the name of the month. When you’re done, stick them to the wall. This tutorial can be found on momtastic.

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If you’d rather not stick the calendar to the wall, you can try something different. A really nice idea is offered on seamlessdays. To make this calendar you’ll need a piece of canvas, some twine, a dowel or two, chalkboard paint and a ruler. Paint the front side of the canvas with two coats of chalkboard paint. Print a template for the numbers and weeks. Coat the back of the template with white chalk, place it on the canvas and trace the lines with a pencil so the chalk transfers on the canvas. Fold the top of the canvas over the dowel and repeat for the bottom as well if desired. Hang it with twine.

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As fun and practical as chalkboard calendars may be, they’re not your only option, especially if you prefer something a bit more compact. A really chic design idea is offered on themerrythought. It;s really easy to make. Just print out each month on cardstock and trim the bottom to form a pointy end. You can then gather them all and use a vintage wooden hanger to clip them all together and hang them on a wall. You can create this calendar for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

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Another idea is to use a marker and a large sheet of paper to trace a calendar. You can give it any design and shape you want, like the one featured here. This one really looks handmade and the design doesn’t try to hide it. You can customize your own calendar using a variety of strategies, colors and details.