How To Build Your Own Bed From Scratch – Three Tutorials

Surely you’re familiar with all sorts of DIY projects which show you how to build your own furniture. However, the smaller things seem to be more approachable. Large pieces of furniture appear to be a lot more complex and more complicated. In fact, things are not so difficult. Building your own bed from scratch is easier than you think and to prove this we’ll show you three easy tutorials in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to start your own DIY project.


First, let’s start with this George Nelson Case Study bed replica. As you can see, it’s a simple platform bed with hairpin legs. The first step should be to put the support frame together after, of course, you gather all the supplies needed for the project. For the frame you’ll need four large wood boards and several thin ones which will support the mattress. The headboard can be cut out of a plywood sheet. At the end, attach the hairpin legs. The bed should be sturdy despite its lightweight appearance. You can find out more about this project on mid-century-modern.

DIY wood platform bed

If you prefer a platform bed that stands directly on the floor, you should check out the project description provided on shanty-2-chic. As usual, start by building the frame. You’ll actually need a top frame and a bottom one. Secure them together with pocket hole screws. Then attach the center support using the same technique. Attach the cleats and then stain the whole frame and let it dry. After that, add the small slats that support the mattress and space them out evenly. Finally, attach the headboard to the bed. This one can be used out of reclaimed wood boards or a pallet.

King bed DIY project

Let’s also have a look at a traditional bed, the tutorial for which we also found on shanty-2-chic. You’ll need a lot of wood for this project so be prepared. Build the front panel, the sides and the headboard. You’ll then have to put the pieces together to create the frame. Add the cleats and the boards on which the mattress will sit. It’s important to make the whole thing sturdy and durable. Stain the frame and the headboard. If you want, you can customize the design in many ways. You can make it include storage drawers or you can add a decorative motif on the frame or headboard.