How To Make Your Living Space Reflect You

Your home is more than just a building. It is your sanctuary; the place where you can unwind and recharge before heading out into the world again. Much like your clothing choices, your living space should reveal your personality. This is what transforms your house into a home.

More Than What You Like.

Electic room

Of course the furniture and accessories you place in your home represent the styles of décor that you like. For instance, you might enjoy making a room look vintage or placing Victorian-print wallpaper in the bedroom. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to go a little deeper than what your design likes are.

Stencil name

Think about who you are: for instance, what your values are and what inspires you.If you are a creative person and this is a big part of your personality, try to incorporate that flair into your room’s décor. Think bright colors or stencilling famous quotes that intrigue you on the wall.

Children artwork framed

If one of your values is to honour your family, then place items in your living space that celebrate your family’s uniqueness, such as in the form of fun holiday pictures on the mantelpiece or children’s artwork framed in the living room. By focusing more on who you are, your home becomes an extension of what is important to you.

Decide on What You Need.

Clean lines living

Once you have some items or pieces of furniture that you feel do justice to your style preferences and also reflect you to some level, think about what you need from your home. If you don’t spend a lot of time in your house, do you need a simple yet comfortable décor (think clean lines and easy-to-clean surfaces) that won’t add more stress to an already exhausting life?

Plush sofa

On the other hand, if you feel that your home provides you with comfort after a long day, then allow it to be a soft place to fall where you can recharge your batteries. Plush cushions and thick carpets provide a feeling of comfort, while wall colors such as soft sky blue, buttercup yellow or coral can boost one’s mood or infuse the room with a sense of calm.

Love bedroom

Make it your mission to get rid of clutter! This is an easy way to help you feel more rejuvenated when spending time in a certain room in the house.There’s no doubt about how our living space can have a direct impact on our emotional state, so think about how your current space makes you feel and what it requires in order to have a positive effect on you.

Add Heart to Art.

Living artwork

When shopping for new items to place into your home, think about how they affect you. If you’re choosing a piece of artwork for the wall in the lounge, for instance, think about what emotions it brings out of you when you look at it. This makes it more special than if it simply is an item that matches the wallpaper perfectly.

Thailand art

Travel acces

Things that remind you of special times in your life, such as holiday mementos you purchased the last time you visited Thailand or Italy, can be lovely statement pieces that give you a good feeling from the past. Likewise, pieces that speak to something within you, such as your creative spirit or love of Renaissance period, can be great additions to any room because they make a space much more personal. When choosing décor for a room, ultimately you want to feel good when you’re spending time in it.

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