How to Make your Bedroom Side Table Beautiful

A table on the side of a bed is a common sight in most of the bedrooms.  They do not occupy too much of floor space and are quite handy. A side table is an important part of the bedroom furniture, and most of the people use it to place their alarm clock, a table lamp and a glass of water for the night time.


Decide upon the function of your side table.

The bed is generally the focal point of a bedroom. Select the role of your side table. Do you wish to keep your books and other vital “arm length” things, or you would use it only to house an alarm clock or a lam? If you are using it for decoration, then choose a one that blends with the décor and complements the furniture. If you are using it for a functional purpose, determine what items can be comfortably placed.

Highlight your side with décor items.

Varied décor items simply look amazing on a side table. However, choose items that do not obstruct your sleeping. For instance, an expensive vase on a side table in a room with two dogs sleeping on the bed every night is not a good idea.


Prettify with storage.

In order to make your side table exquisite, select a table with shelves or drawers. These are ideal for storing reading glasses, few books, remote control, medicines, etc.



Selection of the number of side tables.

In large bedrooms that have enough floor space, two side tables are always an ideal selection.However, small bedrooms where space is limited, it may be more practical to accentuate the room with a single side table. Remember that it is not necessary for the side tables to match. Try using different types of side tables in different altitudes. You may also blend them together using a common theme, like common lamps or décor items.