How to make the inside-outside transition

One way of making the interior seem bigger and brighter is to open it up and merge it with the exterior. There are lots of ways to do that.Let’s analyze some of them. A simple way of merging these two spaces is to simply let the natural light from the outside get it. You can make sure that happens by avoiding placing things near the windows. These spaces need to be uncluttered. Try to keep blinds and curtains to a minimum too.

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Another trick is to use folding doors. This way you can easily open them up and unify those spaces. Also, if you want to create a unifying look that includes both the interior and the exterior areas, you should consider using the same flooring both indoors and out. This way the transition between the two areas will be very smooth.

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Moreover, a similar trick is to use the same type of furniture both indoors and out. it doesn’t have to be identical, not even too similar. Just try to use similar tones of colors and maybe to also match the materials. For example, you can match your wood furntiure from inside with the planters from outside. A similar idea would be to paint the colors in similar colors.

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Since the outdoors are green and characterized by the fresh vegetation, another simple idea of unifying the indoors and outdoors would be to use the color green. For example, you can paint the walls green or you can use green furntiure or green accessories. You should also consider using fresh plants for the interior.

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Other tips would be to maintain the same level for both areas and to use lots of glass. When you have the sema level in both areas, it’s easier to look at these spaces as a whole. Also, the use of glass helps you bring the indoors in.{picture sources:1,2,3 and 4}.