How to make one nice space from two old worn out apartments

The “Two in One” apartment in Sweden is a Scandinavian styled one. A very nice example of how to make one nice space from two old worn out apartments, owners of this place connected old flats they bought into this 106-square-foot house on two floors.The predominant white gives a clean touch to the rooms design.

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White walls and floors might seem stark or stearyl to some, but with decor bringing in the right amount of color and texture the combination can have a light, airy feel.   This Scandinavian Apartment is a great example of how white can be a perfect blank canvas to build.

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The building finishes almost disappear, beautifully highlighting everyday things like books, artwork, textiles, and in this case the bright brown kitchen chairs.   I also love all the pictures on the wall they fill the place up in the exact amount. The sofa is special made for reading and crushing for one or two hour in an exhausting day. One of the best things, in my opinion, is the kitchen table and chairs combining modern, I mean the table, and classic, making the place I great one for day by day living.

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The “Two in One” apartment inSwedenis furnished with various flea market founds, it now have a beautiful atmosphere, bit of country style but very scandinavian and clean.{found on expressen and designattacator}.