How to make a starry night ceiling in the bedroom

My daughter learned about stars and sky and all the planets from the kindergarten. And now she wants to be an astronomer, so studying celestial bodies has become her most important activity.So, of course, she demanded to have a starry sky on her bedroom ceiling … and the parents went crazy for two days, looking for ideas and solutions. Well, fortunately there are a few simple suggestions that do not request too much effort and money and which will certainly satisfy your kid’ s needs.

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The first solution is to paint some stars and planets on the ceiling, on a blue background. But this solution is good onkly for the daytime. What about the night? Stars are supposed to be seen at night. Ok, problem solved again: there is a special fluorescent paint that can be used for painting these stars and when you turn the light off, the stars colored with it will glow in the dark. You can buy it online if you want to.

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After I surfed the Internet for a while I realized that many parents were tortured by their kids the same way I was, so they had to find quick solutions to this problem, so they invented those solutions if they could not find them. One of the best solutions is the Laser stars projector light that can be ordered here and used to obtain the most realistic effects.

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So is the lamp that has a special lamp shape with dots and stars that will glow in the dark, leaving starry marks behind. This lamp is available in different colors and shapes that are perfect for your kid, whether a boy or a girl. And last, but not least use a nice starry wallpaper and a small lamp and the effect will be amazing.