How to make a living room look larger?

Today, living room is the central point of most of the homes. It is the place which is used for varied purposes. From watching television, relaxation, eating meals and entertaining guests, people are known to spend most of their time in the living room. However, with house prices soaring high, small living room is a common problem. Some people even consider spending thousands of dollars to enhance the area and generate extra additional space. Fortunately, there are many other ways to make your living room look larger and without spending a lot of money.

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1. Selection of the right color scheme for your living room is a vital task. Many people prefer to paint their walls in bold and dark colors. Although this is the latest trend, but smaller rooms appear more smaller when painted in dark colors.  In order to make your living room look larger, dress your walls in light colors. It is not necessary that you settle for shades of white and cream. Lemon yellow, ivory grey and sky blue are some popular options.

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2. Oversized furniture with huge cushions and large armrests make a room look small and inadequate. Incorporate a minimal amount of furniture in your living room. Few chairs, a table and a couch would be enough.

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3. The thumb rule is – less the floor is seen, the smaller the area shall appear. So try to use furniture with skinny legs and consider glass tables instead of solid wood or slate tile tables.

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4. Heavy and dark curtains may keep the heat out during summer months but when it comes to make a living room appear large, they are of no help at all. Try to use light and sheer curtains as they allow light to travel into the room and create the illusion of larger space.

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5. A central focal point in the room shall draw the eyes away from the room size and visitors will focus more on the appearance and style.An impressive focal point can be developed with decorative scones, exquisite paintings or wall mirror.

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6. Another way to make the living room look larger is to make use of bright lighting in the room. If there are windows that allow natural light to travel in, then there could not be anything better than this.