How To Make A Cork Pinboard For A Better Organized Home

Pin boards used to be extremely popular at one time. Then they became increasingly rarer. Lately they saw a comeback and we’re starting to rediscover their practicality. Pin boards are useful in home offices but also in a variety of other cases. They let us keep our desk uncluttered and organized and to add a personal touch to this area.


Making a pin board is fairly easy. The simplest option of all would be to find a cork board that has just the right dimensions and to simply mount it on the wall. However, if that’s not possible or too complicated, you can put four or more small cork tiles together to make the pin board.{found on thehappyhomeblog}.

Magnetic round cork boards

On the other hand, if you don’t want a big pin board and would rather have several small ones, you can use individual cork pot stands to make mini pin boards. Simply displaying them on the wall would be a bit too plain and boring so consider decorating them with some paper and glue or with sticky back paper just as shown on thethingsshemakes.

Cork bulletin board

Cork pin boards made of trivets can also be decorated in other ways. For example, you can use craft paint and tape to give them each a geometric design. You can use different colors and then arrange them all in an interesting pattern on the wall. This way you’ll also decorate your workspace in a fun and creative way. {found on thisdesignjournal}.

DIY patterned cork boards

Making patterned cork boards is both easy and fun. If you need some inspiration regarding the design or the steps you need to take in order to get the right look, check out drawingsunderthetable. Here you’ll find a detailed tutorial on how to make chevron-striped pin boards using a frame, painter’s tape, a cork roll, adhesive and spray paint.

Gold striped cork bulleting board

Another way to customize a plain and simple cork pin board is with some gold spray paint. You can use it together with some painter’s tape to give the pin board a striped pattern. Of course, you can use any color or combination of colors you want. In addition, you can display the board inside a frame which can be painted as on prettyinthepines or some other color that matches your décor.

painted cork bulleting board

Paint and tape can be used in a lot of interesting and ingenious ways to create all sorts of designs and patterns for a pin board. For example, check out the modern and simplistic design suggested on bubbyandbean. If you want to recreate the same look, you’ll need gold, white and black acrylic paint, painter’s tape, sponge paint brushes and some paper plates.

Herringbone cork board

Then there’s also a rather different idea: to make herringbone cork board out of several individual pieces put together inside a frame. First you’ll have to cut the cork roll into several small rectangular pieces. After that you’ll have to arrange them all in a herringbone pattern, adjust their size as you reach the edges. We found this idea on littlehouseoffour.

Nail polish push pins

As you can see, making a pin board is fairly easy. If you want to take things further, you can also make some custom push pins. You can make them out of small wooden cubes, colored nail polish, pis pins, white paint and glue. Use the marbling technique described on blitsy for best results.

Gold trimmedt chalkboard and cork organzer

But what if you want both a pin board and a chalkboard? Well, you could have them both and all you’d need would a cork board square, some chalkboard paint, acrylic paint and some tape. Tape off one half of the board diagonally and paint it with acrylic paint. Let it dry and then place tape along the line once again. This time, paint the other half with chalkboard paint. {found on asweetafternoon}.