How to Make a Canopy for a Girl’s Bed

Does your daughter often complain about her boring bedroom? Well, even you agree that her bedroom wears a dull look, but you are hesitant to renovate the room as it may be expensive. It is not necessary that a complete renovation is the only solution. Your little daughter can be delighted and made happy by imparting a wonderful and pretty bed.

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The best way to make the room magical is to make a canopy for her bed. This is an expensive method and shall completely transform the ambience of the room.  A canopy can be made with the help of a one piece fabric or several lengths of fabric.

1) Firstly, measure the ceiling to floor length of the room in which the canopy is to be hanged. If necessary, round up the length as it is always better to have a long flowing canopy instead of a short one. The fabric of the canopy should touch the floor of the room after moving around the bed.

2) Select the fabric for the canopy. As you are designing the canopy for a girl’s bed, the best option is to select net, sheer fabric or tulle.

3) Select a hoop. Any light weight ring shaped object can be used. Alternatively, you may use a hula hoop or an embroidery hoop. The larger the hoop, the better it is as it would cover a large area.

4) Cover the hoop you have selected with a six inch strip of fabric so that the original hoop is not visible. Decorate the hoop with feathers or artificial flower garlands and beads.

5) The rest of the fabric is to be cut in strips. The width of the strips should be in accordance to the size of the hoop. For small hoops, 8 inches or 12 inches wide would be ideal and for big hoops – 14 inches to 18 inches would be best.

6) Wrap the one end of fabric around the hoop and fix it by using glue or stitching it. Repeat the process for the rest of the pieces.

7) Attach the canopy hoop to the ceiling with the help of strong metal screws or fishing wire.

8) Lastly, fluff the canopy in order to spread the fabric equally.