How to make a burlap ottoman cover

Burlap is one of the most versatile materials. It’s inexpensive and it has a classic look that makes it fit for a variety of purposes. It can be combined with all sorts of materials and textures. One use of this material is an ottoman. In this article we’re going to see exactly how you can include this material into the design and what else you’ll be needing. This cute piece used to be an old ottoman. With about a yard of burlap, some cotton fabric and a glue or staple gun the ottoman got a completely new look. The first step was to cover the ottoman with plan, neutral-colored cotton fabric. The original colors might still be visible through the cotton but they won’t show after you cover it with burlap.

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You can use a staple gun but this might not be possible. The staples sometimes don’t go through the frame and then you’ll need to switch to a glue gun. The next step requires precision and patience. Cut off the excess fabric and fold it over and glue it to the frame. Lay the burlap over the ottoman and cut off the excess. If you also plan to add ruffles like in the pictures you should know that they add about an inch and a half.

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You need to cover the ottoman with the burlap until it almost reaches the legs. Pinch the excess fabric at the corner of the ottoman and pin. Do that for all the corners. Than sew a straight line down the burlap where you just pinned and repeat for all 4 sides. Cut off the excess and then make the ruffles. An idea would be to sew the ruffles on at the beginning and then just apply the cover.

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To make the ruffles fold the fabric in half and cut strips of fabric of about 4 inches wide. Then sew lengths of fabric together to make one long ruffle strip and sew it to the burlap cover. You can make several covers using different colors or materials.{found on burlapandblue}.