How To Choose And Look After Your Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden tables, chairs, benches and other accessories look really natural and beautiful in gardens and outdoors in general because of the material’s organic characteristics and ability to adapt to pretty much any environment. But simply having all this furniture is not enough. You also need to know how to look after it and how to make it last without losing its charm.

Wooden spool outdoor coffee table

Protect a wooden table with a glass top. This applies to any kind of table, whether it’s store-bought or a personal DIY project. You can have the glass top custom made to fit the table perfectly.

Upcycle old wooden pallets

Upcycle old wooden pallets and made your own garden furniture. It will already have a weathered look so you don’t have to worry about it changing drastically over time.

Solid wood furniture seating for outdoor

Solid wood only gets more beautiful as it gets old so if you have garden furniture that looks like this you can be certain it will not get any less stylish as it gets old. On the contrary, the years will add charm to the piece.

Wood poted flowers

The sun and the rain communicate really well with your plants and flowers but they’re not that friendly when it comes to wood so if you insist on having wooden planters, maybe consider plants that prefer shade.

Tree outdor seating

A good place for wooden furniture would be under a tree. A cable spool tree seat, for example, would look beautiful around a large tree and it would be protected from both sun and rain by the tree itself.

Live edge outdoor furniture

Use reclaimed for your outdoor furniture if you want an eco-conscious décor. It will also have a nice patina.

Natural outdoor furniture coffee table from stump

You can’t go wrong with tree stumps in the garden and they can be shaped in all sorts of cute and fun ways. For example, this furniture set for the kids is simply adorable.

Protect using paint

Protect your outdoor furniture using paint, stain, oil or wax. You can freshen up the furniture regularly and change its look at the same time.

Outdoor wood pallet pathway

And this strategy can be applied to all wood in general, not just furniture. For example, a wooden pathway through your garden can be painted a bold color and it would look amazing.

Stain pallet furniture for outdoor

Stain your pallet furniture to give it a more refined and elegant look and to also protect the wood. You can make all sorts of interesting things like benches, tables or even sectionals.

Wooden garden furniture

It’s important to clean your wooden garden furniture or accessories regularly. A wooden vertical planter like this one for example can accumulate moisture and dirt so wipe it down with a dry cloth whenever you remember.

Wooden pallet furniture

Preferably, wooden furniture should be placed in a covered, protected area such as a roofed porch or in a gazebo. Maintenance is a lot easier if you provide the right conditions.