5 Ways To Light Up Your Home During A Power Outage

One minute you’re watching TV or playing your favorite video game and the next you’re sitting in the dark. What happened? Maybe it’s a power outage. So what do you do now? You need to light up your home somehow. Obviously, electricity is out of the question.


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So the power is out. Remember what your parents used to do in these situations? They used to light up candles. Maybe you too have some in your home, perhaps some of those scented candles or decorative ones.

Oil/ kerosene lamps

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This is a bit old-fashioned so you may not have an oil or a kerosene lamp in your home. But, if you do, go straight towards that area and you’ll solve the lighting problem for the moment. These lamps are sometimes used as decorative accessories or rustic accents in a home décor.

Battery-operated lights

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Use your phone and go take a look in the closet or wherever else you may be using these wireless lighting solutions. Battery-operated light fixtures are really practical and not just during a blackout.

Solar-powered lights

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If your home is solar powered then you shouldn’t even bother reading this article. But we’re not talking about those kinds of solar-powered light fixtures. A lot of homes have solar-powered lights in gardens or on decks so run outside and bring those inside.

Hand crank lanterns and flashlights

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You can’t go wrong with hand cranks. Use muscle power to light up your home. Sure, it’s not the most practical solution for long-terms power outages, but it’s still a great option. Use the flashlight or lantern to get things done, at least for the moment.