How to Let Your Windows Shine

As a primary source of natural light, windows have the inherent power to be a focal point of nearly any space. However, in most instances, a completely barren window doesn’t provide the aesthetic enhancement that could take the window (and the entire space) to the next level. What I mean is, there are certain strategies we can use for accenting window spaces that make them look better than if we left them alone. Consider the following ideas:

Bedroom shine windowView in gallery

Frame the window(s) with floor-to-ceiling drapes. This works particularly well when the window is of a medium-to-large size (so as to do the tall drapes justice). Framing in this way makes the window appear to be larger, both in height and width. In this space, I love the barren simplicity of the headboard wall, which accentuates the beautiful window wall even more.

Elegant bedroom windowView in gallery

While the entire furnishings of this fine bedroom are elegant, the window plays its role as a luxurious component with the soft side-swept drapery. The angle of the drape here is important for breaking up the many right/perpendicular angles, and the diagonal draping consequently draws our eye immediately to the window space. This is an easy window accent technique that would work in many spaces where squarishness abounds.

Kitchen window curtainView in gallery

In a space where there’s a lot “going on” decor-wise, such as in this kitchen, windows are sometimes best highlighted with something simple. These pelmet boxes work better here than leaving the windows completely blank or covering them fully with shades. What’s more, the pelmet fills in the visual top perimeter of this kitchen and allows onlookers to appreciate the lush green landscape outside without competing with the cabinetry’s many details. This is an aesthetic way to emphasize horizontal window spaces.

Colorful window kitchen treatmentView in gallery

Another way to highlight windows is to paint the frames an exciting, contrasting color. Here, yellow not only adds positive energy to the entire colorful space, but it also immediately includes the windows in the space’s overall creative vibe. The windows become more than just a light-transferring focal point here – they become a statement of character and even, arguably, of artistic preferences. I find the painted frames refreshing and delightful here.

Traditional kitchen wood floringView in gallery

Although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes the best highlight to a window is no highlight at all. Or, otherwise stated, letting the window be its own highlight. This is often the case when a window is architecturally significant, such as is the case here, with the beautiful thick mouldings and arched top. I like the touch of framing the window with tall, narrow topiaries on the countertop, which provides a lovely transition from outside nature to inside kitchen.

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