How To Keep A Clean House With The Kids Home This Summer

It’s a little difficult to adapt to the change in schedule when summer comes and the kids are no longer attending school. It would be easier to keep the house clean without them around but, of course, sending them away for the summer is not the right answer. You could try instead to change the tactics and to come up with new ways of keeping the house clean. Here are a few tips.

Include the kids.

Cleanup themselg

Since the kids are home, why not include them when you’re cleaning the house? It would be very helpful for you and would give them an opportunity to interact.

Give them tasks which they enjoy.

Cleanup themselg

Since kids don’t really like cleaning the house, it would be a nice idea to give them tasks that they find fun. For example, let them organize their toys or help outside.

Spend more time outdoors.

Cleanup themselg

One way of keeping the house clean is to spend more time outside. You could eat outside where it’s more pleasant and this way you keep the mess out and you have less work to do after.

Give everyone daily tasks.

Cleanup themselg

By giving the kids a few tasks every day you create a habit and hopefully this will also help them when they grow up. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just simple things that they don’t mind doing.

Be fair and include everyone.

Cleanup themselg

When giving tasks or when asking the kids to help with cleaning inside the house, also include everyone else in the process. This way they won’t feel exploited and will be treated fair.

Ask everyone to clean up after themselves.

Cleanup themselg

If everyone would take a few minutes to clean up after themselves, then you would have less work to do every day and the house will stay clean longer. So ask the kids and everyone else to contribute.

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