How To Keep Your Bedroom Cool In Summer

Long, hot summer days are difficult to endure, no matter where you’re located. And while the air conditioning unit may offer some relief, it’s not the best option for spaces like the bedroom from example. Here you need to look for alternatives. Here are a few effective ways of keeping the room cool and breezy.

Ceiling fans.

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Install a ceiling fan in your bedroom and make sure you’re using it properly. It should rotate counterclockwise in the summer so that the breeze goes down. And remember that the fan cools you and not the room so it should only run when you’re there.

White window shades.

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White is a color that rejects warmth and sunlights instead of absorbing it and is excellent for your window treatments during summer. Not only that they’ll help keep the room cool but they’ll also make it look and feel light and breezy.

Use woven screens or bamboo shades.

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Another great option for the windows includes woven screens. They’re excellent at keeping the warmth out while making the room look charming. Tightly woven shades also keep the light out, allowing you to relax even when the sun in up in the sky. Bamboo shades are very classy and chic as well.

Use your curtains.

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Let’s not forget about the long window curtains that are usually part of any bedroom’s décor. Use them to keep the hot temperatures at bay during summer but remember to open them at night so the breeze can get in. If you prefer dark-colored curtains during winter because they make the room feel cozy, during summer you should opt for lighter colors.

Coat windows with reflective film.

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Very practical and a great long term solution, window film basically reflects the sunlight and prevents the heat from entering your bedroom. In order for this to be effective, you’d have to keep the windows closed which is actually a wonderful idea in general in the hot summer days.

Replace your incandescent bulbs.

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Incandescent bulbs are the least effective type you want for your bedroom if you want the room to remain cool. You should just replace them all with LEDs or CFLs.

Insulate the attic.

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If your house has an attic, then you should invest in some high-quality insulation. Otherwise it will just trap all the heat and this can affect the whole house, not just your bedroom. If your bedroom is in the attic, then you should definitely make this a priority.

Install awnings.

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Another interesting solution is to install awnings above your bedroom windows. They’ll give you shade and redirect the light and heat as much as possible.

Plant shade trees.

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And if you’re looking for a long term solution, plant shade trees in front of your bedroom windows. They’ll be lovely to look at, will give you shade and will keep the room cool during summer.