How to integrate an L-shaped leather sofa in the living room

The living room is a social space where family members and guests gather to spend time together. As a result, the living room’s interior design should facilitate communication and interaction. To ensure that happens, the furniture needs to be very well chosen. An L-shaped leather sofa would be a wonderful addition to the room. Its shape makes it perfect for this area and the leather gives it elegance. If you’re having trouble deciding how exactly to integrate this type of sofa into your living room, we have prepared a few suggestions.

L shaped leather sofaView in gallery

This is a very spacious living room that features a modern interior décor. It’s actually composed of two sitting areas separated by a double floor lamp. One portion of the room features a beautiful L-shaped leather sofa and a matching ottoman. The sofa faces a large beautiful painting and has large windows on its side.

Modern living rool l shaped sofaView in gallery

This living room is smaller but also very beautiful. The most interesting architectural detail about it is represented by the curvaceous walls complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows. An L-shaped leather sofa add contrast to the white décor and it beautifully complemented by an L-shaped coffee table with rounded edges and delicate lines that perfectly fits into this room.

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An L-shaped sofa can also be a wonderful addition to an open floor plan living room. It’s a subtle way of delimitating the areas and, in this particular case, it’s also a way of introducing color, contrast and texture into the décor. It’s also beautiful how the colors of the sofa and armchairs come together in the shape of the two square-shaped coffee tables/ottomans.

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This farmhouse living room also features an L-shaped leather sofa. In this case it’s not about the elegance of the texture and of the design but more about the coziness of the décor and of the atmosphere. The wooden floors add warmth to the room and the cowhide rug completes the whole rustic and inviting image.

Leather sofa fireplaceView in gallery

In this contemporary family room, the L-shaped sofa fits perfectly. The room is an open space, part of a long and narrow space and the sofa fits nicely in the corner. A very interesting contrast is created between the darkness of the leather and of the space behind the sofa versus the brightness of the space in front of it with large windows and white walls.

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