How to Install Wall Tile in Bathroom?

The fact cannot be denied that tiles are one of the most popular and liked materials for the walls of the bathroom. Whether it is bathrooms of houses, malls, or corporate offices, there is nothing that can beat wall tiles. There is a wide variety of tiles available in the market in different colors, styles, finishes and sizes. The most significant feature of the wall tiles is that they are very easy to install. It might surprise you, but you can even install the tiles on the bathroom walls all by your own. Here is a list of guidelines to assist you out –

How to Install Wall Tile in Bathroom1

Firstly, you need to determine the number of tiles you would require to cover the wall. For this, you need to measure the dimensions of the wall so that you can buy the same footage of tiles. Ensure to add 10 to 15% extra for cuts and wastage.

Prepare the wall by making it free of dust, grime and dirt. It must be mentioned that the tiles can be installed to the painted as well as non-painted wall.

Use a rule or a measuring tape to mark the center point of the wall. This would be the starting point.Spread the adhesive on the wall with the help of a trowel using upper strokes.

How to Install Wall Tile in Bathroom1

Place the first tile at the bottom of the center point and move your way upwards.When the entire wall is covered leaving the corner rows, measure the available space and cut the remaining tiles accordingly. You may require cutting the tiles in varying sizes depending upon the available space.

After the tiles are set, you need to add grout gently on the surface with the help of a trowel. After six to eight minutes, wipe down the wall with a damp cloth.Repeat the process for all the walls of the room.{pics from misiuneacasa}.