How To Incorporate African-Inspired Details

African-inspired home decor is fun, playful and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Wood pieces, woven blankets and multi-colored artworks all come under this inspirational umbrella. What’s great about African home decor is how much life it can bring into your space. These details can make for very bold, dramatic spaces but also keep things youthful and vivacious! So take a look at some of these amazing African-inspired details and we’ll let you know how t o easily incorporate them into your own home.

1. Colorful Bedding.

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Your bedroom becomes an instant party when you create something this lively and special. Mix and match these cultural prints and colors on your bed. It’ll create a “wow” focal point for your bedroom (or even in the guest room) and it’ll bring out the artistic side of yourself by learning how to mesh complimentary designs.

2. Bright Walls.

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Enhance your African-inspired details with a brightly colored wall. No, not everything in the home decor world inspired by this part of the world is loud and vibrant in shade, but it’s one of the best parts about this regions. The gorgeous colors, the fabulous, wild prints – it’s what makes this such a unique niche. So, highlight that will a cherry or mango-colored wall.

3. Natural Furniture.

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Whether you decide to use several pieces or just one, natural, wooden furniture is a slam dunk for those houses that thrive off of organic cuts and serene designs. It’s a little rustic but paired with the right amount of color or African home decor pieces, it’s a surprising, eclectic choice of vision.

4. Incredible Lighting.

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Talk about an unsuspecting place to use an out-of-the-box option, but that’s what makes it so special. This turquoise chandelier is a premier example of how African-inspired details can easily be incorporated into your contemporary home without overwhelming it. It gives the dining room the right amount of pop and personality while still making it a comfortable place to gather.

5. Woven Items.

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Whether you’re hanging pretty woven baskets on the wall in a fun collage or laying down a large, woven area rug in the living room, these woven pieces are perfect for just a bit of African inspiration. Of course you can use the baskets in the kitchen to display your fruit or keep a big one next to the fireplace to hold all of the throw blankets and pillows.