How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Pet Hair In Your Home

Pets leave hair all over the place, some more than others. But we all know they do it so it wouldn’t be fair to punish them for something that’s in their nature. Instead, we should find ways to deal with the problem and to keep our home clean and hair-free. But it’s not as easy as it may seem. Getting rid of all the hair your pets leave behind in your home can be a challenge.

Vacuuming and sweeping.

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The first solutions anyone would think of would be vacuuming and sweeping. But sometimes that’s not enough. Also, you can’t stay all day long with your vacuum in the middle of the house in order to remove the hair that keeps getting in your way. For that, there are also several other practical solutions.

Special vacuums.

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For example, there are vacuums designed especially for this purpose. They pull the unwanted pet hair from furniture and carpets and they are more efficient than regular household vacuums. There is also the Oreck Vacuum, a model that provides a very high level of suction and thus allows it to pull up pet hair that is embedded in the fabric. It also has a filtration system that traps everything inside and prevents it from recirculating in the room. These solutions are great for those that are allergic to pet hair.

Rubber brushes.

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If you have a dog or a cat then you know about those rubber brushes used to groom them with. They gather most of the hair they’re shedding and prevent it from getting on your furniture and in your home. There are also similar tools that can be used to gather all the hair from the carpet or from the sofa. They have a sort of rubber blade that gets rid of the most stubborn pet hair.

Regular cleaning.

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If you don’t want your home to become all furry and fuzzy you should vacuum it on a regular basis. Don’t let the hair pile up. Once it accumulates it’s more difficult to get rid of. You can vacuum once a week but some persons prefer to do it every day. Make sure you remove the attachments so that you can get the hair out of all the sneaky places such as the edges of the carpet, under the furniture or in crevices and corners.

Be creative.

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While there are some specially-designed tools that can help you get rid of all the hair in your home, they might not always be accessible to you. In this case you can always be creative and make your own. You can use regular household objects that you’ve adapted to remove pet hair. Sticky lint rollers are very useful and practical and you can them to clean the sofa and even the carpet. If you don’t have one, you can just tape a piece of masking tape and wrap it around your hand. You could also use a damp rubber glove and it will work wonders.

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