How To Find Your Kitchen Style

Looking to redesign or redecorate your kitchen but you have no idea where to even begin? Well, that’s because you need to find your kitchen style! Do you entertain a lot or are you more of the takeout type? Do you love to mix and match colors and patterns? Or do you like things neat, clean and tidy? Well, let’s take a minute to figure all of this out. Take a look at our questions, write down your answers and next thing you know you’ll have all the information you need to give your kitchen a makeover!

1. When is the last time you threw a dinner party?

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If you answer was never, then you obviously don’t need a lot space devoted to entertaining. Whether that means taking away an extra breakfast bar or buffet set-up, you don’t need the room for lunch get-togethers or dinner parties. You also don’t need the extra storage for more dishes, glasses or serve ware. Something quaint and simple should suit you just fine.

2. Do you love to bake?

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If you answered “YES!” with a huge shout, then you need some room for all of your baking needs. Whether that’s extra pantry space, utensils drawers or even a stand alone “baking” armoire to store all of your cute cupcake liners and sprinkles. Make sure you think of where you’ll be putting all of these necessities when you’re mapping out your new kitchen plan.{image from site}.

3. Is your kitchen used as a place to gather?

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Do you sit in the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee with your pals? Do you kids sit at the table to do their homework while you fix them a snack. If the answer if yes, then you need to create a warm, welcoming space. Serene colors are the key to  making this happen. Soft blues, creamy whites and even a touch of gray can make one of the most relaxing of spaces. You could also use some sunny yellows or blush pinks to create a happy spot for your family.

4. Are you inspired by prints or clean slates?

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Do you like the hustle and bustle of fun floral prints or checkered floors? Or do you feel best in a space that’s clean and tidy with smooth lines and a monochromatic finish? This will help with decor purposed. Go for a more contemporary look if you like a sophisticated, timeless style. Or use every color that speaks to you with a dash of play patterns if you don’t mind a bit of eclecticism.

5. Do you love vintage vibes or are your more into the present times?

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The answer to this question will help with you appliances. Find yourself a vintage-styled stove to coincide with your funky eclecticism and love for the old-age spirit. Or pick out some of the sleekest stainless steel appliances to finish off your new and improved kitchen.{image from site}.