How to Fill Your Blank Walls

Anything hung on a blank wall can completely transform the way the wall looks. They add a life to the home and give it the much needed personal touch that every house should have. One should get decorative and beautiful accessories for their house and ensure they are the ones which do not reduce the functional space in any manner.  There are many options to choose from when one is deciding to fill their blank walls.

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One of the most economical and good ideas t is to use a chalkboard. It not only adds a character to the wall but also is helpful in writing notes, leaving messages and putting pictures.

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Another great idea is to use modular shelves. These not only look good on the wall but also can be used to put decorative pieces and books and picture frames which add a personal and a beautiful touch to the room.Each shelf it’s available for 47 euros.

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Eye catching clocks are another wonderful option that one can consider when filling the blank walls in their house. These are an artwork and are look very stylish on the walls. There are clocks available in different sizes and designs and thus, one can choose the one that they like and which complements the overall look of the room.Available for 64$.

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Another perfect way to transform the bare walls is to use vinyl medallion wall decals. These are very easy to put on the walls and it is simple to maintain them as well. There are a variety of colors and patterns available and one has ample choice to choose from and make the walls look attractive.Available for 45$.

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One can add the old world charm along with warmth and light to the walls by using mounted candleholders. They can be put in various different ways and they add a calmness and sophistication to the room which makes it more pleasant.From 15 euros.

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In houses that are small and there is not much storage space one can put wooden organizers on the wall which can be used to put keys and other important things. These not only look good on the wall but add a lot of convenience as all essential things can be easily kept in one place and there is less clutter in the house.Available from 25$.

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Another perfect thing that can be put on the all is leather tapestry. These are pieces of art which are very intricate and give a contemporary look to the room.From 745$.