How to dress up your hamper

There are some boundaries in design that separate men from women. I never thought that I would ever say that but the reality is different. There are some things that apply to men and some things that apply to women, this of course if you’re not a 6 and a half feet, 300 pounds dude that calls himself “galaxia”. Let’s carry on with my argument because I have a point.

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This hamper for instance is something that I would never buy and decorating it is totally out of the question. But, there is a big but: some women are crazy about these things and find all sorts of uses for them. Since women look at them and find them very appealing or at least normal crazy ideas come into their minds. For instance after a while you get bored and you want something new, you want a change. Painting the hamper seems a good idea especially because it doesn’t cost you very much to apply a bit of spray paint or attach some colored wires woven along the natural, biodegradable strips.

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But let’s get back to painting. No matter what color and what design you decide to apply on it, masking tape will help you get the desire effect by protecting the areas you want to leave as they are. In these pictures the hamper was painted in 3 alternating areas. The part covered by masking tape remained as it was and the black spray-painted surfaces alternate with the natural ones. One thing is certain I don’t see a lot of guys doing this “customization”.{found on abeautifulmess}.