How To Discover Your Own Home Decorating Style

Everyone has a unique style that defines them and everything they do. You can usually that clearly in home décor. Every piece of furniture you choose, every color, every texture says something about you. But how do you discover your own style as opposed to just copying the ones you see in magazines?

Look for inspiration.

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Start by looking up images and designs you like in magazines, catalogs and on the internet. Make notes of what you like and compile a list of your favorite things. You can use these as inspiration.

Set your goals.

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Before you start the actual decorating process you need a set of goals. Determine what you want to accomplish with the design. Do you want it to be practical, to be comfortable, do you want to also use the living room as a home theater, etc.

Emphasize your home’s best features.

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It’s important to recognize and appreciate what your home has to offer. For example, if you like the shape of the windows, the arched doorways, the molding or the ceiling, you should try to emphasize those particular aspects.

Ask for professional guidance.

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Since you’re not an expert, you should feel free to go to a professional for some pointers. Then can give you a few ideas to get you started and from there you can adapt and develop your own style.

Don’t be afraid to make changes.

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It’s important to be confident. Let’s say you have an old cabinet which looks mostly ok but you don’t really like the color or you think it would look better with some new hardware. Make the change and adapt everything to your own needs and preferences.

Know your limits.

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It’s one thing to be confident and to try new things and it’s a whole other thing to go too far. You need to know your limits and to avoid projects that are too complex for you.