How to Design the Perfect Reading Nook with Little Space

Reading is one of those past times that let you escape into another world and leave your cares aside! Whether you enjoy perusing your favorite magazine or delving into a juicy novel, your reading nook should be perfect for you. While we would all love to have plenty of space to spread out many reading nooks are small, but can be made cozy and comfortable with some easy design tips.  Whether you are trying to figure out how to squeeze in a reading nook in your home or you want to make your existing one more comfortable, here are some ideas to help.

natural reading noook bedroom
Your reading nook should speak to your personality

Choose the perfect area of your home:

Even though your home is small it still can have the right corner, nook or even just a comfortable chair that is away from the heart of traffic. Consider first where to place your seating. Seating can range from a comfortable chair or sofa that can move throughout your home, or opt for a permanent solution like a window seat.  If you live in an apartment and you can’t build in a window seat, consider using beanbags, cushions, or floor pillows in your favorite corner. Don’t let your small home hinder you from creating a relaxing refuge area.

reading nook natural light
Ensure your reading nook has good lighting

Ensure lighting is ideal:

Designing the perfect reading nook space should be comfortable for your eyes too. Ensure that your nook has a good source of natural light and artificial light. While a window is ideal, ensuring the proper window treatments are hung to prevent glare is essential too. A table or floor lamp or even a wall sconce can work beautifully to provide the right ambiance for your reading nook. Take a look at your space at different times of the day to determine what lighting is best for your perfect reading space.

reading nook children inspired
A reading nook can be personalized for all ages
corner reading nook
Turn every corner into a reading nook

Personalize your reading nook:

After you have chosen the perfect area of your home, seating and lighting it’s now time to personalize it.   If you have a window seat add colorful cushions with matching fabric to your surrounding decor. Throw blankets and pillows can help you snuggle up with your good book and it will add softness and textures.  Don’t forget to add storage and display for your books, periodicals and favorite memorabilia. A reading nook should have the ability to reach for your favorite book with ease so opt for built-in shelving, bookcases or have a portable book holder next to your chair. Built-ins are a great idea for unused wall space, as they don’t require more space to your small reading nook area, plus you can install lighting for a customized corner of your home.

reading nook window seat
Add matching textiles to the rest of your space

Reading nooks are the one part of the house that it’s perfectly fine to be by yourself and escape to another world, make it uniquely yours with these helpful tips. Find a space that is out of the way of the rest of your busy home. Ensure lighting and seating is ideal and personalize with colorful textiles and beautiful display area. Your small home shouldn’t limit your creativity to design the perfect reading nook for, your kids, or whomever wants to enjoy a corner of serenity in your home.

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