How To Turn A Messy Garage Into A Cool Annex

There garage is not usually anyone’s favorite part of the house. It’s simply where you park your car or where you dump all the things you no longer need. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can try a different approach and have a cool garage everyone envies you for.

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First of all, decide the function you want to add to your garage. It could be a games room, it could be a man cave, an extra living space or you can clean it up, reorganize it and make it a storage heaven. One nice example is to bring a TV in the garage, mount it on one of the walls and put a sofa and some chairs in front of it. This could be a great place to hangout.

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Or perhaps you’d like the garage to become a part of the open floor plan if the space is limited. Sure, in this case it would have to change function. It’s a great way to maximize your floor space, make the living space bigger or add a dining area.

Garage man cave transformationView in gallery

Here’s how you turn a garage into a man cave. You remodel the space, paint the walls, add some furniture, maybe make a small kitchen area and you also leave plenty of room for the car. It’s an interesting approach.{found on mtarchitecture}.

Garage turned into a living roomView in gallery

If you’re not particularly interested in necessarily parking your car in the garage, you can take this opportunity to completely transform this space. For example, turn it into a casual living space or into a guest room. First take out everything, paint the walls, insulate the floors and take care of the lighting.

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Of course, there’s also the option to maintain the same function and just reorganize your garage. Come up with a way to organize all your tools and equipment. Perhaps you can design a cabinet with shelves, cubbies and lots and lots of storage space.

Garge shelves for organizationView in gallery

Or you can install a bunch of simple shelves and try to save floor space.{found on iheartorganizing}.

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Use your walls and come up with a great system. Keep all your tools in one place, all the winter equipment grouped together so you always know where to look for a specific item.

Garage gardening cornerView in gallery

Set up a gardening corner. Mount the big tools on the walls and store them vertically, store small items on shelves and install a few hooks for gloves and other things.