How to Design a Contemporary Combo Room

A combination room is one that has double uses. For instance, it might be a bedroom and study or kitchen integrated into the dining room. You need a bit of extra care when designing a combination room as you want to invigorate it with style while ensuring the room’s contrasting functions do not clash. Here are some tips.

Unite Color, Not Function.

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A Main Color Brings Unity to the Combo Room

If you are short on space and need to create a combination room, there is no rule as to what rooms can work together. A laundry room and home office might seem like a strange combination, and yet they can work. The secret? Paint! By choosing a main paint color and using it in the combo room, you create harmony between the two very different room functions. In the laundry room/office, for instance, settling on white as a trim color, cabinet color, and also bringing it into the upholstery with a desk chair and laundry baskets, helps to unite the design of the room.

Highlight the Neutral Items.

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A Nursery and Guest Room Form an Elegant Blend

Sometimes it helps to focus on the neutral items in the room. In this case ‘neutral’ refers to the pieces in the room that do not have strong roles, such as chairs and paint color. By concentrating on these items with bright colors and patterns, and leaving the more function-specific pieces subtle (such as the crib or chest of drawers in a nursery/guest room combination), you draw emphasis away from the contrast of the two rooms. The eye is able to flow from one area to the other without any obstacles. The result is an interesting and trendy room that can be adapted for various uses depending on the home owner’s needs.

Create Subtle Division.

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Together But Separate

Sometimes a slight division, such as is in the form of an archway, can work wonders to help keep the rooms separate without creating a complete break.Use of the same wallpaper and color scheme in both rooms further instils accord.

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Divide the Room with a Décor Piece

Another good idea is to use a room divider. A décor tip for contemporary design is to choose a room divider that is a little see-through, so that you gain glimpses of both rooms while maintaining separate décor focal points if you wish.

Be Imaginative with Furniture.

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Rethink Your Furniture to Create a New Space

Sometimes you need to display your design pieces in new ways to create flow in your living space. For instance, if you are combining a lounge with your kitchen, the presence of an overwhelming coffee table might clash with the kitchen table. Fix this by going for a more creative idea for the coffee table. Ottomans can come in handy, while still working to create a comfortable lounging area.

Update the Dining Area.

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A Library Room’s Walls Become Instant Décor

The dining room is often a common choice for a combination room – it can be meshed with the kitchen or lounge, especially in open living spaces. However, if you want something a little different, blend it with a more creative room, such as the library or study. In this case, decorating becomes easier because the books themselves work as décor! Plus, enjoying meals in this creative surrounding is a stylish yet fun idea.

Create a Main Attraction.

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Rugs are Striking While Differentiating the Space

A piece of upholstery, such as a rug, can help to create a visual break and also give the room a main attraction. A rug in the middle of the room that catches the eye can be a good idea to achieve this. You can also use rugs of the same design to draw attention to certain areas in the room. When doing this, choose a rug with an interesting pattern or color to make it outstanding.

Shine a Light on Something Important.

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Let Light Fixtures Create Drama and Highlight Accents

Lighting is an important part of the synchronicity of the combined room. Table lamps are great ways to create a glow over a certain area of the room, for example, while spotlights can also be used to define various areas.

Tips for Contrasting Design.

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Use Accessories from Contrasting Styles to Unite Your Design

Cohesive design is important to make the combination room work successfully. If the difference between the two rooms is too stark, this can create a split personality in your living space. If it happens that one of the rooms is modern while the other is antique, create balance by integrating some furniture of each style into the other room. For instance, in a traditional design, the use of modern artwork on an accent wall can help to bridge the design gap.

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